Saturday, March 18, 2006

Ignorance or Racism?

I am stunned and dismayed at these pictures of woman displaying slogans of hate.
Are they Ignorant?

Woman who hate (page 77)

For a religion that doesn't support worship of religious idols, they sure love their dark symbols of death don't they.

The black Hyjab, or the black clouds, ( as our friends Omar and Mohammed at ITM so elegantly stated ) is like the shroud of death of the woman's spirit.

This goes against the true instinct of our human nature to promote and preserve life and this contrast shows how deeply the brainwashing is ingrained.
If you only have so called 'honor' in death, what's the point of life?
Just can't imagine as a woman, thinking it's ok for a son or daughter to be a murdering suicide bomber, and oh yes, the family gets money.
And yet they accuse us of being capitalistic and evil, ironies abound.

The contradictions of this visual image is astounding.

While some Canadian men happily put down the feminists of this country ( calling them feminazis ), they offer no support for the non-fascist feminists to have a voice. It's like a wall of indifference or anger at women anytime you try to converse with them about it. We need to break through this wall.

Seems to be a common but counter productive thought process though. To bolster their position some men put down women. To bolster the Canadian identity, many put down USA. Muslims, to bolster their position, put down all others...

Has anyone ever stood up and accepted responsibility for the mistakes they've made or crimes done in their name?

Apologies for my lack of inclusion of our own deluded homegrown female ranters of hate "ta-da" I present another useless fool as an example. Celine Hervieux-Payett

Ms. Hervieux-Payette, how you disgrace us as Canadians and as a woman's voice, in the political arena.

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