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Horrific violence. Beheading of school children in Indonesia.

The trial begins for assassin Hasanuddin.

Carefully planned by Hasanuddin, the Jakarta trader had for objective to decapitate six girls. On October 30, 2005, he carried out his crime and eventually butchered three girls with the help of five other men. The children had been watched on their regular path to school. They apparently severed the heads in a "cleanly" manner, placed them in plastic bags with the note, "Wanted: 100 more Christian heads, teenaged or adult, male or female; blood shall be answered with blood, soul with soul, head with head." .

Beheaded girls were Ramadan 'trophies'
By Stephen Fitzpatrick, Jakarta correspondent
The Australian - November 09, 2006

Indonesian schoolgirls beheadings 'act of charity'
By Adrian Morgan, Spero News - November 09, 2006
Photos of Alfita Poliwo (left) and Theresa Morangke - Source for these photos Spero News
"... Ida Yarni Sambue (15), Theresia Morangke (15), and Alfita Poliwo (19) - were decapitated, and their companion, Noviana Malewa, was hacked in the face with a machete, but survived. The killings of the three schoolgirls, whose heads were placed in plastic bags and left near a church in their village, signaled a resurgence of sectarian conflict in the province of Central Sulawesi...."

Last year, this horrific crime was reported in several blogs covering Islamic terror but it seems that main stream media ignored the story.

Read Atlas Shrugs for more on this story: Beheading Sweet Young Christian Girls on their Way Home from School October 29, 2005 - Photos Reuters Alertnet

Recently in Iraq, a 14 year old Christian boy was decapitated by a Islamic group -AINA, Assyrian International News Agency - October 29, 2006

14-year old Christian boy beheaded in Iraq -MND, MensNEWSdaily - October 30, 2006

For more, see at Gates of Vienna, by Dymphna - Arab Sport: Crucifying Christian Children in Iraq The Assyrian International News Agency reports the latest atrocities against Christians in Iraq. - October 12, 2006

Analysis and Commentaries
About the Moro Islamic Liberation Front - MILF.

"Senior Fellow Zachary Abuza noted that the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) has waged a secessionist campaign in the southern Philippines since 1978, when they broke away from the secular Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF). Their avowed goal is to establish an independent homeland for the Moro peoples that will be governed by sharia (Islamic law). Though initially armed and supported by the Libyan and Malaysian governments, by the early 1990s, the MILF had lost much of its state support. To that end, the MILF forged a tentative relationship with Al Qaeda, receiving money through Saudi charities, as well as limited military training, though while trying to build up its self reliance. While they always remained focused on the “near enemy” and the establishment of their own homeland, they were willing to take advantage of the support that transnational groups offered them; in exchange, they had to give some assistance to groups, such as Al Qaeda’s regional affiliate, Jemaah Islamiyah (JI), in pursuance of the war against the “far enemy.” While the MILF is not a transnational group that seeks to establish a pan-Islamic caliphate (known in Southeast Asia as Nusantara Raya), they have given assistance to groups such as JI and the Abu Sayyaf group (ASG).

Since 2002, the JI, arguably the most lethal of all of Al Qaeda’s regional affiliates, has perpetrated three deadly bombings in Indonesia—in Bali (October 2002), the JW Marriott in Jakarta (August 2003) and at the Australian Embassy (September 2004). Despite the MILF’s denial of ties to JI, credible evidence soon emerged that several JI members involved in the three bombings were trained in MILF camps..."
Beheading in the Name of Islam
By Timothy Furnish, Middle East Quarterly -Spring 2005
[...]Apologetics and Reality
Some American commentators say that Islamist decapitations are intended as psychological warfare and devoid of any true Islamic content. Imam Muhammad Adam al-Sheikh, head of the Dar al-Hijrah mosque in Falls Church, Virginia, for example, claimed incorrectly that "beheadings are not mentioned in the Koran at all."[5] Asma Afsaruddin, an associate professor of Arabic and Islamic studies at the University of Notre Dame, also misrepresented Islamic theology and history when she told a reporter, "There is absolutely no religious imperative for this." [6] The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) as well as the American Anti-Arab Discrimination Committee (ADC) have both signed on to a statement that such killings "did not represent the tenets of Islam." [7] Sam Hamod, former director of the Islamic Center in Washington, D.C., claimed that the Qur'anic passage on beheading unbelievers did not actually mean that people should be killed. [8] Such fulminations have had an effect: the Western news media has, perhaps as a result of political correctness or its own bias, twisted the reality of Islamic history and propagated such revisionism. With such apologetics, Western academics either display basic ignorance of their fields or purposely mislead. The intelligentsia's denial of any religious roots to the recent spate of decapitation has parallels in the logical back flips and kid-glove treatments in which many professors engaged in order to deny a religious basis for violent jihad. [9] Afsaruddin and Hamod aside, Islamists justify murder and decapitation with both theological citations and historical precedent.
Decapitation in Islamic Theology
Groups such as Abu Mus‘ab al-Zarqawi's Al-Tawhid wa al-Jihad (Unity and Jihad) and Abu ‘Abd Allah al-Hasan bin Mahmud's Ansar al-Sunna (Defenders of [Prophetic] Tradition) [10] justify the decapitation of prisoners with Qur'anic scripture. Sura (chapter) 47 contains the ayah (verse): "When you encounter the unbelievers on the battlefield, strike off their heads until you have crushed them completely; then bind the prisoners tightly." [11] The Qur'anic Arabic terms are generally straightforward: kafaru means "those who blaspheme/are irreligious," although Darb ar-riqab is less clear. Darb can mean "striking or hitting" while ar-riqab translates to "necks, slaves, persons." With little variation, scholars have translated the verse as, "When you meet the unbelievers, smite their necks." [12]
For centuries, leading Islamic scholars have interpreted this verse literally. The famous Iranian historian and Qur'an commentator Muhammad b. Jarir at-Tabari (d. 923 C.E.) wrote that "striking at the necks" is simply God's sanction of ferocious opposition to non-Muslims. [13] Mahmud b. Umar az-Zamakhshari (d. 1143 C.E.), in a major commentary studied for centuries by Sunni religious scholars, suggested that any prescription to "strike at the necks" commands to avoid striking elsewhere so as to confirm death and not simply wound. [14] [...]

The Sacred Muslim Practice of Beheading
By Andrew G. Bostom, - May 13, 2004
"Reactions to the grotesque jihadist decapitation of yet another "infidel Jew," Mr. Berg, make clear that our intelligentsia are either dangerously uninformed, or simply unwilling to come to terms with this ugly reality: such murders are consistent with sacred jihad practices, as well as Islamic attitudes towards all non-Muslim infidels, in particular, Jews, which date back to the 7th century, and the Prophet Muhammad's own example.

According to Muhammad’s sacralized biography by Ibn Ishaq, Muhammad himself sanctioned the massacre of the Qurayza, a vanquished Jewish tribe. He appointed an "arbiter" who soon rendered this concise verdict: the men were to be put to death, the women and children sold into slavery, the spoils to be divided among the Muslims. Muhammad ratified this judgment stating that it was a decree of God pronounced from above the Seven Heavens. Thus some 600 to 900 men from the Qurayza were lead on Muhammad’s order to the Market of Medina. Trenches were dug and the men were beheaded, and their decapitated corpses buried in the trenches while Muhammad watched in attendance. Women and children were sold into slavery, a number of them being distributed as gifts among Muhammad’s companions, and Muhammad chose one of the Qurayza women (Rayhana) for himself. The Qurayza’s property and other possessions (including weapons) were also divided up as additional "booty" among the Muslims, to support further jihad campaigns..."
By Syed Kamran Mirza - Faith Freedom
Big question-‘is the beheading Islamic?’

Yes, beheading is, of course, an Islamic justice to the infidels, criminals, and sinners. This cruel way of killing infidels is sanctioned by Islamic Sharia laws. Denial to the grotesque beheading of western Kaffirs by those Islamic terrorists (in Iraq) that it is not Islamic is yet another clear sign of ignorance, hypocrisy, or intellectual dishonesty by the defenders of Islam. Islamists are not ready to take the burden of ugly reality of the fact that human beheading is 100% consistent with the sacred Islamic Jihadi practices. Hatreds towards other religion such as Jews, Christians, Hindus and other polytheists are the ardent teachings of Islamic holy book Qur’an. Beheading was practiced by the Prophet Muhammad himself during the 7th century period of Islam and by the most Islamic rulers thereafter.

Saddest thing is no Islamists will ever tell you the truth about the intimate relation of beheading in Islam! ... read it all here.
Understanding Islam
Hysciences, highly recommended.

Previous post on violence and Islam at Difficult Images Cautious extremely graphic images.

Meanwhile, this music video made in France glorifies violence.
Hat tip. No Parasan

Kim Chapiron and friends playing with cruelty SHEITAN.

Sheitan is an horror movie see the script here with the participation of the well known actor Vincent Cassel.

In this interview, Kim Chapiron, creator of the group Kourtrajmé, and director apparently of this horrible video, prides himself to be have the most hardcore artists-group of the planet. His father, Christian Chapiron created a punk-group called Bazouka in the 70's. Chapiron added that his father's group terrorized the world with his music while doing "everything".

Kim, who brags about his own sick mind, appears also very proud of his poetry. You can read in the interview what he will do with grand-mother. In my views, this is simply emotionally corrupted. I can't see his point.

Previous post on violence and Islam at Difficult Images
Caution; extremely graphic images

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